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Quality Inspection

Visual inspection, measurement, comparison services with estabilished standards to ensure the quality of parts and assemblies and avoiding rejected products reach the production line ( CS1/ CS2/ Safe Launch)

What we do?


Do a Work Instruction, samples "good" and "not good" with approval of customer/supplier


Coordinating the work team and organization


Training work team to do inspection/ measurement or comparing method


Separation and identification of parts approved or rejected


Emit reports of inspection/ rework with material performance


Accompany performance of material with production line. Guarantee of services done.


Keep a structure minimal to support customer as soon as requested


Charge of services can be send directly to supplier ( National or International)

Why to contract GC Serviços?

Company with Certification

Certification ISO 9001:2015 to support demanding quality standards of our customers

Specialized Professionals

Employees engaged and trained to better serve our customers in the most diverse segments.


Flexibility to increase or decrease the number of employees according to demand, reducing bureaucracy

Supplier pays for Services

Supplier can make direct payments to GC (National and International), generating zero financial cost for the main customer

Reduce Costs and Rework in your company

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