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Reduce your cost, Increase your efficiency and have less bureaucracy

Your company does not should undergo with this

Stop Line Risk

High cost operational

Missing time to training new employees

Missing time to manage non conform material

Bureaucracy to increase/decrease employees

High stock

How GC can help you?

Reducing fixed cost
Reducing stock
Reducing quantity of Scrap/ Return Merchandise Authorization
Reducing risk of line stop
Reducing bureaucracy
Increase efficiency – RTY
Increase profitability
Increase flexibility
Increase quality Assured
Increase dedication for the real core business

Why to contract GC Serviços?

Company with Certification

Certification ISO 9001:2015 to support demanding quality standards of our customers

Specialized Professionals

Employees engaged and trained to better serve our customers in the most diverse segments.


Flexibility to increase or decrease the number of employees according to demand, reducing bureaucracy

Supplier pays for Services

Supplier can make direct payments to GC (National and International), generating zero financial cost for the main customer

Reduce Costs and Rework in your company

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